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Alternative Funds

Alternative Funds

CIAM’s historical funds are distinguished by an active event-driven approach and a solid track record of engaging on material ESG matters. Our previous success in implementing alternative strategies underscores our expertise in this area.

The primary aim of these funds is to provide risk-adjusted returns by building positions with one or more catalysts. We use a streamlined process to select a limited number of positions with the highest probability of delivering these expected returns.

CIAM invests in companies of all sizes -small, mid and large cap- companies across a variety of sectors, excluding those such as tobacco, adult entertainment, non-conventional oil & gas production, and unconventional weapons.

We place particular emphasis on identifying companies with specific ESG issues that can negatively impact the long-term value of their shares. As active investors, we prioritize engaging in constructive private dialogues with boards and management teams whenever possible. Our engagement efforts often result in favorable environmental and social outcomes.

In addition to our established funds, CIAM is diversifying into other alternative strategies with the forthcoming launch of new funds led by experienced and talented portfolio managers.


CIAM is regulated by the AMF under the number GP-09000013.


CIAM Fund Opportunities and Satellite UCITS Fund are authorized by the CSSF.

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