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CIAM deploys a team of experienced finance professionals who manage investments and provides wealth management services independently, free from ties to any specific bank or financial institution.

We work with you to select the bank of your choice for asset deposits, recommend the most suitable structure and manage your portfolio on either a discretionary or advisory basis. Our allocation and perspectives are global with a focus on liquid strategies. We aim to provide the best risk-adjusted returns with an absolute return mindset

  • Objective and unbiased advice: We make independent decisions free from conflicts of interest
  • Tailor made portfolio: We make sure your portfolio is adjusted to meet your needs and expectations
  • Open architecture investing: We operate outside the constraints of a single institution's product offerings, providing you with a wide range of investment products and solutions to select from.
  • Transparency: Our fee structure is simple: a percentage of assets under management and a fee based on the performance after all other fees are accounted for, with no hidden costs. This aligns our interests with yours as fees are directly linked to the performance of your portfolio.
  • Trust and Reliability: We develop long-lasting personal relationships built on trust and consistent service over many years, with a deep understanding of your evolving needs.
  • Fiduciary duty: We are legally bound to act in your best interests with care, honesty and good faith.

Should you wish to learn more, feel free to reach out to Mark Cook: mark.cook@ci-am.com, +33 1 84 25 82 52

Mark Cook

Head of Private Wealth Management

Mark Cook joined CIAM in 2024 as Head of Private Wealth Management, bringing with him 27 years of international experience in financial markets. His expertise lies in fund management, private banking and independent asset management.

Prior to joining CIAM, he served as a partner at Octogone Gestion SA for two decades, where he focused on developing and managing private clients, actively participating in asset allocation committees as well as funds and hedge funds selection committees. Before that, he held roles as a portfolio manager for the private bank Marcuard Cook & Cie, and a fund manager at BCV Lausanne.

Mr. Cook holds a combined degree in Economics and Sociology from Kent University, earned in 1995.


CIAM is regulated by the AMF under the number GP-09000013.


CIAM Fund Opportunities and Satellite UCITS Fund are authorized by the CSSF.

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