Event driven, powered by activism.

CIAM is an investment management firm that uses equity-based investment strategies to generate returns from its global approach to corporate events, focused on special situations and merger arbitrage and using activism as one of several tools to unlock shareholder value, where appropriate. CIAM was co-founded by Catherine Berjal and Anne-Sophie d’Andlau in 2010 and has offices in Paris and London.

The flagship CIAM Opportunities Fund implements a high conviction portfolio based on proprietary research, focused on careful assessment of risk. CIAM aims to provide truly uncorrelated returns through unlocking value in companies to benefit investors and other shareholders.

CIAM donates 25% of its annual performance fees to charities dedicated to improving children's health and education across the world.

The Fund's investor base includes family offices, institutional investors, and private banks.

CIAM is an AIFM regulated by the AMF in France and registered with the FCA in the UK.  CIAM manages the SICAV-SIF CIAM Opportunities Fund under CSSF's supervision.


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