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It is recalled that past performance can not prejudge future performance and the value of an investment can vary upwards or downwards according to market developments, as the income attached to them. Potential investors are encouraged to seek personalized advice from all of their partners or those of CIAM.

The management offer presented on the Site, subject to French law, is intended to be marketed in compliance with statutory and / or contractual provisions at the date of realization of the investment, made exclusively on French territory.

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General Information

Head office: 26, Boulevard Malesherbes - 75008 Paris
Joint stock company registered at R.C.S. PARIS, number 517 516 589

Approved by the AMF under number GP-11000039 dated November 28th, 2011.
Legal representative: Anne-Sophie d’Andlau, Deputy CEO

email : info@ci-am.com
Phone: +33 (1) 44 70 97 96,
Fax: +33 (1) 45 22 34 47

Intellectual Property

The site is a work of which CIAM is the author within the meaning of Article L.111-1 of the Code of intellectual property.
The design and development of the Site are provided by contractors and the site is hosted by Netlify.

The name CIAM is a registered trademark.

The Site, all documents contained therein, incorporated or integrated into its pages (text, photographs, drawings, architectural plans, etc...) and all distinctive signs (trademarks, logos, etc...) belong exclusively to CIAM or, where applicable, are the property of third parties having authorized CIAM to use them for the Site.

Under these conditions, CIAM grants you a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to access the Site, to represent on the screen one or all of the pages of the Site and information contained in the exclusion of other acts including temporary reproduction for purposes other than viewing.

The user agrees to maintain on each copy of the downloaded documents any mention of copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the documents, do not edit them and do not use them for any other purpose nor in other ways than those specifically agreed.

Protection of personal data

It is recalled that the secrecy of correspondence, confidentiality and integrity of transmitted information is not guaranteed on the Internet and that each particular user must take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and /or software from viruses that can be transmitted during a connection despite all the care of the Site administrators, CIAM denies any liability of any nature whatsoever in this regard.

In general, the user can connect to the site without giving his identity or provide any information about him. Servers of Squarespace collect the domain names of visitors and not their email addresses. Such information is gathered to assess the number of connections, the average length of these connections, visited pages, etc... CIAM and Squarespace use this information to evaluate the use made of the Site, to compile statistics and to improve its content.


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For all practical purposes, the Site may offer links to sites published by third parties. CIAM excludes any warranty with respect to sites accessed through a link or the information appearing on these sites or any content, products or services described or offered in these sites.

In addition, CIAM is not responsible for hypertext links to one or more pages on the Site to third party websites even if CIAM would have authorized the third party to place such a link.

Finally, and more generally CIAM prohibits any person to place a hyperlink on one or more pages of the Site without the express prior authorization.

Unavailability of the site

CIAM undertakes to use its best efforts to provide users with a permanent accessibility to the Site.
CIAM cannot be held responsible in case of temporary unavailability of the Site or otherwise, for any reason whatsoever.

Notice GDPR

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These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with French law.
Terms of language are French. In case of dispute, French courts will have jurisdiction.


CIAM is regulated by the AMF under the number GP-09000013.


CIAM Fund Opportunities and Satellite UCITS Fund are authorized by the CSSF.

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