Unlock Hidden Value. Discern Risk.


The Fund’s objective is to provide uncorrelated returns, through building positions around corporate events. A streamlined process is used to select a limited number of positions presenting the right catalyst and probability of delivering the expected returns and at the same time, with limited downside. CIAM predominantly invests in mid and large cap companies and is sector agnostic.

CIAM is particularly focused on identifying companies with specific corporate governance issues that have a detrimental impact on the value of their shares. In cases where CIAM becomes a more active investor, with a goal to obtain the fair value for its investment, the team prefers to engage, wherever possible, through a constructive private dialogue with boards and management teams.

CIAM also has extensive experience of the legal and regulatory processes that govern European M&A and minority shareholder protecting laws. It is not uncommon for CIAM's investments to have complex legal or regulatory issues, which may not have been identified or fully appreciated by others that do not have this specialism.

CIAM's success lies in our disciplined risk approach and experience in distinguishing between the investment opportunities that we are able to fully understand and address and the risks we want to avoid. 

CIAM's role is to offer alpha and not beta, we also use derivatives to hedge the portfolio's global market exposure, where appropriate.



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