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General Warning

The following pages present the management company CIAM and the products it manages. Viewing the following pages requires your acceptance of the conditions set out below. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not access the following pages.
The information presented in the following pages are not, and should not be, interpreted as an offer or solicitation to invest in one of the investment vehicles managed by CIAM. The information has no contractual value.
The information on the following pages do not constitute information of a promotional destined to persons or entities outside the industry, within the meaning of MiFID.
We recommend that you check with your legal and financial advice and all other professional advisors to ensure that the decision you make is in line with your interests, especially in the light of the financial goals you are pursuing.
Although CIAM has put great care in data collection and implementation of this Site, it cannot be held responsible and no action will be taken against it for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies on this Site.

General Information

The CIAM company manages mutual funds, French or not, and management mandates.
Prior to subscription, the prospectus and any regulatory document are required to be offered to all subscribers and made available as well as the latest financial statements, on request. These documents are available at CIAM office and are freely downloadable on this Site.

It is recalled that the marketing of mutual funds is subject to the regulations, particularly rules of good conduct from the country in which it is made. It is also clear that CIAM can manage UCITS not authorized for sale in France.
In all cases, persons subject to restrictions prohibiting publication or access to the information contained in the following pages, such as the nationals of the United States, are not authorized to access.

It is recalled that the subscription of units or shares of mutual funds can be risky. The value of investments may rise or fall, depending on market developments, and the investor may not recover all of its initial investment, the value of shares and actions depending on the value of assets held in the portfolio. The proper tax treatment of investment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be modified.

Warning About the Performance of the marketed products

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The figures on the following pages relate to previous years. Past performance must not be the focus of the investment decision of the subscriber. As such, the other items on the product data sheets or the associated reporting of each vehicle must be considered. The management company shall not be held responsible for any investment decisions or divestments made on the basis of the information in the following pages.